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''A Fractured Tale: A Gril Named Cinderella

By: Olivia W.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time there was a girl named CinderellaÓ.÷
˘Hold up I telling the story, not you.÷
˘But I am the narrator.÷
˘So I am the stepsister and I am telling the truth.÷
˘Okay here is how the storey goes.÷
There was a girl named Cinderella, but she wasnĂt as nice as you think she was, she was so MEAN!
Yeah I said it mean.
She was so rude just because she was rich. So! I mean I am not saying I was the nicest person on earth. But at least I had common sense not to be bragging.
Okay so we pull up to her house and it was big. Big like an elephant after it eats. So I walked up to her and said, ˘Hi.÷
And she said,÷ I donĂt talk to peasants÷
Okay maybe not in those exact words but I still would have smacked her so hard all those pretty blond locks of hers would fall out. So just when I was about to call her a bucktooth boob, my stepfather came out and said ,÷How do you do÷ in that fake French accent and cheap cologne.
So here I am thinking why be mean when I can be nice.
˘ So youĂre telling me you where nice?÷
Yes do you have a problem with it ˘narrator÷ or is that your real name.÷
˘No itĂs Gary.÷
˘ Alright, then stop interrupting me.÷
Now you know how the say she had a fairy godmother well she actually had three, just like sleeping beauty. Now I am not saying she didnĂt deserve them.

My mother and sister did lock her up in a tower and this and that and that and this. So I try to be nice to her again by saying I would help her with her chores. And you know what that selfish brat said - she said,
˘I donĂt need YOUR help.÷
She didnĂt even work hard for that matter, she was lazy. When we got the invitation to the princeĂs ball and she wanted to go, but couldnĂt go until she did all her chores.
I made her that stupid dress not those mice. And I didnĂt tear up her dress she did. And when she went to the ball she had on a brand new dress. Yeah, I knew she was there I kept my mouth close.
So he had big search so he could find her and when he found her I got so mad but before I could tell my side of the story she lived happily ever after. And me, well I am going around telling myside of the story. So thank you for your time.