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''A Fractured Tale: Teter Frog

By: Renika J.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time there were three little frogs, and their names were Moe, Doe, and Teter. They lived with their father behind three bushes.
˘Young frogs,÷ the father said. ˘You may go by the lake. But donĂt go in Mrs.JohnnsonĂs pond. Your mother had an accident and got stung by some bees. DonĂt get in any trouble.÷ And they sang together, ˘Yes sir.÷
Then the father went shopping for food. He bought three bread sticks and three flies sticks.
Moe and Doe were bad little frogs. But Teter was the good frog. Moe and Doe toke some berries from the bushes and headed straight for Mrs. JohnnsonĂs pond.
They saw that Mrs. Johnnson wasnĂt by the pond and ran straight to it and throw the berries in the pond.
Mrs.Johnnson heard the splash of the water and saw what the frogs were doing. Then she yelled out the window, ˘Get away from my pond.÷ And she caught Moe. Then Doe ran home to tell their father.
Before he could tell him Teter had already told him. ˘Daddy, Moe and Doe went by Mrs.JohnnsonĂs pond,÷ he said.
Doe ran in screaming. ˘Daddy Mrs.Johnnson caught Moe and she toke him in her house,÷ Doe said.
˘What were yĂall doing down there?÷ His father asked.
˘ We were down throwing berries in Mrs.JohnnsonĂs pond,÷ said Doe.
The father hoped out of the house as fast as he could but when he got there Moe was gone. The father was hoping so fast that he past Moe and he didnĂt know.
So when he got back home he told his sons Moe is gone. Teter said ˘Moe is right here.÷ The father was so happy he forgot that he was mad at Moe.
Then Moe said, ˘Mrs. Johnnson is moving out because there are to many frogs and we can go there whenever we want.÷
The family and Mrs.Johnnson lived happily ever after. With a full pond of flies.