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''A Fractured Fairy Tale Cinderella''

By: Destiny D.
Virginia, Age 13


Once upon a time there was a prince.
Then he met a girl and he said, ˘May I ask what your name is?÷
˘I am not allowed to talk to strangerĂs,÷ she said.
˘IĂm not a stranger,÷ the prince said.
˘Well then who are you?÷
˘IĂm a prin-- I mean IĂm charming.÷
˘Well then since you introduced your self I am Cinderella.÷
˘Cinderella!! Cinderella!! Cinderella!!!!!!!!!÷
˘Yes stepmother.÷
˘Come carry our bags.÷
˘Yes maĂam. Well I have to go.÷
˘Cinderella did I just see you talking to a stranger?÷
˘No he introduced himself.÷
˘Well heĂs a stranger if your stepsisters or I do not know him. Is that under stood Cinderella?÷
˘Well I have to go. I hope to be seeing around Cinderella.÷
So as Cinderella and her stepmother and stepsisters were heading home Cinderella started wondering if indeed she would ever get to see him again. So just as she said, ˘CharmingĂs÷ name she thought to herself that name sounds familiar.
˘Cinderella, I need some water.÷
˘Cinderella, I need some milk.÷
˘Cinderella, do you hear us?÷
˘Yes I hear you. Cinderella do this. Cinderella do that. Cinderella! I wish my father was alive to see how IĂm treated.÷
Now that Cinderella was busy with her stepmother and stepsisters she now longer had time for herself. So after Cinderella gave her stepsisters their milk and water her stepmother called her.
˘Cinderella after we go to bed you are to do the dishes wash the fridge and mop and sweep all the floors. Is that under stood Cinderella?÷
˘Yes maĂam.÷
˘Then after you do your nightly chores you may go to bed. Is that understood Cinderella?÷
˘Yes maĂam. I wish I could just be one of them. Why do I have to be a servant? My father would never approve of this at all. I will never be good for any thing except for cleaning my stepmotherĂs nasty house.÷
IĂve decided to run away and thatĂs final. Then all of a sudden the doorbell rang.
˘Yes may I help you?÷
˘Yes you may.÷
˘Okay, well then what is it?÷
˘All the ladies in this house are to come to prince charmings ball.÷
˘ThatĂs all.÷
˘Thank you sir.÷
˘Good-bye have a good night.÷
˘You to thank you very much bye.÷
˘Yes maĂam.÷
˘Come here please.÷
˘Who was that at the door?÷
˘Some man coming to tell us that every young lady in this house is to come to the palace tomorrow night.÷
˘Good I canĂt wait to tell the girls. Cinderella you are to stay home and clean understood?÷
˘Yes maĂam÷, she said sadly.
˘Cinderella you honestly thought you were going?÷
˘Yes maĂam. IĂm always home cleaning or carrying your bags well im a person just like you.÷
˘DonĂt you dare talk to me like that?÷
˘Yes maĂam.÷
So the next day came and Cinderella, her stepmother and stepsisters were just about to leave when Cinderella asked, ˘Why cant I go?÷
˘Because youĂre a servant not a lady. Now good-bye.÷
So as they left. Cinderella began to sob. When some one said, ˘Child why are you crying?÷
˘WhoĂs there?÷
˘Cinderella itĂs me your fairy godmother.÷
˘What do you want?÷ asked Cinderella.
˘No, no child what do you want?÷
˘I want to go to the ball.÷
˘Then get up and come out her.÷
˘Okay.÷ ˘ I want you to turn around.÷ So Cinderella started turning around. Then all of a sudden she was as beautiful as her stepmother or stepsisters. ˘Thank you godmother.÷ ˘Oh honey your welcome.÷ ˘You deserve more than what they give you.÷ Now she made the carriage and off Cinderella went.
Now meanwhile at the ball everybody had dance with the prince but for some reason the prince didnĂt feel right. He felt as he was missing something. Then Cinderella came into the room and right then he knew that what he was missing had just appeared. And at that moment when Cinderella hit the floor she and the prince immediately stared dancing and when the clock striked twelve she ran as fast as she could and as she was running her slipper fell of her foot. And then the ball was over she turned right back into her old servant clothes and ran home sobbing. As she got home in time to do her chores her stepmother and stepsisters arrived. She opened the door and once her stepmother and stepsisters came they told her that some girl came in and the prince sweep her off of her feet. ˘Now goodnight Cinderella im extremely tired.÷ So in the morning the prince came to their house and now he asked to try the slipper on every lady in the house so stepmother butted in and told him that she would be more than honored to try the slipper on as well as her daughters and as they all tried the slipper on it did not fit any of them then there she was Cinderella and they tried it on Cinderella and it fit her. Her stepmother gasped. So the prince found his true love and they lived happily ever after.

The end