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''A Fractured Tale: Sleeping Ella White''

By: Megan H.
Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time there was a princess named Sleeping Ella White. She had beautiful blonde hair and a face as white as snow and always seemed to wear glass slippers. Ella wasnĂt normal but was kind a sweet and always on the go. She had three fairies and twelve dwarfs who helped her along her way everywhere she went on the special nights she went out with a prince she had her fairy godmother come and make her beautiful. Sleeping Ella White was picky about what prince she wanted.
The first prince came and said ˘I love you please be my bride.÷
She replied ˘No, No your not the right guy, but come with me, I will bake you a pie÷.
Then the second came and she loved him very much, but always felt strange about him so when he said÷ I love you please be my bride.÷
She replied once more÷ No, No, your not the right guy, but come with me, I will bake you a pie÷.
There was something else that had been forgotten and it was that Ella had two villains after her. One was a woman who always carried apples. One of those apples was poisoned and would kill. The other villain was one who loved to sew. She had put a spell on Sleeping Ella White and it was that when she had her first baby she would go prick her finger and sleep forever until the prince saved her. The villains were after her so she had to find a prince to save her fast!
Sleeping Ella WhiteĂs fairy godmother came and said ˘I have found the perfect prince for you÷ and Sleeping Ella White replied
˘ Bring him to me we shall go to the ball÷. There was a lovely ball that her parents were throwing for here seventeenth birthday.
At the end of the night when it was time to go the prince said ˘ I love you please be my wife.÷
She replied once again ˘ No, No, your not the right guy, but come with me, I will bake you a pie÷.
She replied this even though she loved him very much.
Sleeping Ella White then called on her three fairy godmothers and asked ˘ Why can I not find the right guy for me÷?
The fairies contemplated the problem through the very long night.
When morning came she asked once again ˘ Why can I not find the right guy÷?
Then there was a knock on the door.
Then someone said, ˘ I can answer your question÷.
Sleeping Ella White asked one more time ˘Why can I not find the right guy, and who are you÷?
The lady replied ˘No need to worry about that but please let me in÷. Ella did so. When she opened the door the woman put a large white apple into Sleeping Ella WhiteĂs mouth and said
˘ I have tricked you and now my dear older sister can never make her prick herself I have killed her and she has no prince to save her now so I have won!÷ said the evil sister.
Then the twelve loyal dwarfs came and wept over her, then put her on a bed and covered her up.
The cried, ˘ Why has a prince not come to save her÷. They each tried to kiss her red lips but failed.
Years went by without Sleeping Ella White until her last prince came to give her a love note and found her lying lifeless on the bed. The animals came talking in groups of three about how the prince could save her and she could play again. The prince bent down and kissed her soft lips and her eyes opened. The animals rejoiced and praised the prince.
The prince asked again ˘I love you very dearly and I have saved your life, will you please marry me÷?
She finally replied, ˘Yes you are the right guy for me!÷ They went of on Prince LukeĂs noble steed and went to the castle to tell the kingdom the were to be wed. The wedding had so many people and the reception was wonderful. A few years went by and the had their first child and named her Jennifer Ella White. Then Sleeping Ella White grew very fond of spinning thread into yarn. Sleeping Ella White had stayed up very late that night and was tired so she fell asleep and pricked her finger. When the king found her lying there he kissed her ever so gently but couldnĂt wake her up and realized that the only way to save her was to prick the babyĂs finger. He did so. The prick did not kill the baby it only made her sleep for three very long years. When those three years were gone the baby awoke. They rejoiced and had a celebration. The two villains showed up in distress. They had failed.
They apologized by saying ˘ We are very sorry if there is anything we can do let us know.÷
The villains were very sincere from that day on and the family was very, very careful and lived happily ever after.

The End