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''A Fractured Tale: Goldiwolf & the three pigs

By: Benjamin G.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived three little pigs in a good-sized cottage.
There they lived a little scared one year when they heard that there was a wolf spotted only days earlier. The three newspaper companies had different stories.
One said that it was an evil wolf looking for something to eat. Another one said it was a peaceful wolf looking for a home. The last one said it was a girl going by the name of Goldiwolf who was a troublesome little girl wolf trying to find some trouble.
No matter what the story, the three pigs were very careful about going out.
It was a sunny, warm morning. The three pigs had cooked a good juicy steak but it was very hot.
They decided since there was a wolf on the loose, to calm their nerves and go to the pizza fair. They were so urging to go that they forgot to lock the door!
Just in the bushes, awaited the wolf also urging to go inside. When the coast was clear, she shot out of the bushes, opened the door and made herself at home.
By then, the three happy little pigs were already crossing the hills and seeing the fair a few miles away.
Back at the cottage, the little bad wolf saw some beds. She thought about it, and decided to take a nap in one of them.
She tried the one on the right at the end of the room first. She got in it, but it was too pointy for her. It scraped her back and ripped her fur.
She tried the middle bed next, but it was too gooey and squishy for her. It made her really smelly and wet.
The last bed on the side by the door was a bed that looked ok. Not gooey or pointy. She got in and it was soft and smelled like spring flowers and the clean air she smelled in her home land of Hawaii.
Unfortunately for her, she fell asleep for about half an hour and when she woke up, she looked at the clock and it was almost 11:00 in the morning!
Meanwhile, the pigs were taking a rest outside of the fair under the big oak tree. They were getting ready to go ride on some rides and get a small pizza and take it home with them.
And back at the cottage, Goldiwolf was rising from her 30-minute slumber and decided to go sit on a chair and watch some television.
As she entered the living room, it was a majestic sight. There were three chairs and a huge television with Cox cable, cable, and a special channel for movies.
She didnĂt know which chair to sit in. She tried the smallest chair first, but it broke instantly.
She tried the biggest chair next but it was itchy and huge.
She tried the middle chair last and it was soft and smelled like spring flowers and the clean air she used to smell at her homeland in Hawaii.
But yet again she fell asleep for not 30 minutes, but one hour! She woke up and realized it was almost noon.
For the past five months, she had eaten at noon and at eight. Her stomach growled so she headed upstairs to the kitchen.
Back at the fair, the three pigs were as happy as could be and were getting ready to go home with their new pizza that they bought. They yet again rested under the oak tree before heading on the long journey to home.
As Goldiwolf was getting ready to get some food, she noticed the three different pieces of steak on the table. ˘Wow÷, she thought as she sat down to eat.
She sat down in the middle chair and ate some of it but it was colder than going to Alaska in the winter.
She sat down in the right chair next but the steak was hot enough that smoke spewed out of her ears.
She last tried the left chair and the steak tasted just like spring flowers back at her homeland in Hawaii.
But now she had to use the bathroom and wolves like her would take hours to do her hair and clean up.
Meanwhile, the pigs were crossing through a shortcut at a park.
They stopped to admire the beautiful three statues of Donald Wigtail who found out how to make Chinese cherries, solve world thirst, and eat another food called shoe salad. (included with tail feather salsa)
They then continued on and started crossing a village and were welcomed with warm hearts. The pigs soon reached the hills and found themselves outside their cottage.
Well, the poor little wolf was just finishing up when she heard the door open.
˘Well, were home,÷ said the first little pig.
˘But what was the door doing already open?÷ said the third little pig.
˘Come on, IĂm tired. CanĂt we go and take a little nap? ˘ complained the other pig.
So, they went through the dining room and into their bedrooms and discovered that their beds were messed up.
˘ Who forgot to make the beds again?÷ said the first pig.
˘ThatĂs weird. I remember making the beds this morning,÷ said the second pig.
˘ Come on. Lets go sit down in the living room and watch TV.÷
The bad little wolf laughed under his breath about how dumb the pigs were.
But they discovered that their chairs had been used.
˘What h-happened to the ch-chairs?÷ said the third pig.
˘Wh-Why did the s-smallest chair break? And why is t-t-the TV on?÷
˘Well, maybe we left the TV on since we were in such a hurry,÷ said the first pig.
˘But t-that doesnĂt explain the broken cha-chair,÷ said the scared second pig.
The pigs were getting suspicious. They had seen that their beds werenĂt made and that their TV was on along with a broken chair.
They went upstairs and then saw their porridge was already eaten. They then heard a weird noise coming from the bathroom and discovered the wolf they had heard .
The wolf was scared and ran out of the house, over the mountains, past the oak tree, and to her house where she fell into a pot of hot soup and burned.
The pigs repaired the damage and lived happily ever after for the rest of their days.