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A Fairy Tale: the Chicago Cinderella

By: Mariah P.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time there was a girl who lived in the big city Chicago. Her name was Annelle and she lived in a small apartment. She lived with her wicked stepmother her and perfect twin sister Allex, well she used to be a triplet but her other sister Ariel had been eaten by a sly wolf. Allex and Annelle did not get along one bit. She did not get along with anyone in her family except her father (who died with her sister) and Ariel, who had both past away three years earlier.
˘Wake up!÷ she felt her stepmother shaking her. ˘Get ready for school÷
˘What are you doing up here?÷ She asked. Looking blankly at her stepmother who hardly ever wanted to see her face.
˘I am not getting arrested just because you donĂt get up for school on time,÷ she said. ˘Now look after school go directly to the soda shop, got it!÷ she responded in I high pitched voice.
Annelle could tell she had forgotten to take her cough drops this morning. She was glad and wasnĂt going to tell her. Annelle quickly prayed that one day her fairy godmother would come and set her free, like she had done every day since her father had died. Annelle quickly got up for school and got dressed.
˘Make sure youĂre at the diner by three,÷ her stepmother yelled up.
˘But, I have a lot of homework,÷ Annelle yelled back.
˘Oh, be quiet,÷ her stepmother said.
She put in her old and used backpack and set off for school. On the way to school she was passed by her sister, Allex, on her-brand new hot pink bike.
Her sister stuck out her tong and then held up in L on her left hand and said ˘Loser!÷
Then she did again when they met at a stop light at the corner of first and 54th street. And once again at the entry to school. This made her mad she usually only did this once a day but three times now that was pushing it over the limit. Annelle hurried into her classroom just as the teacher was calling for homework. She stopped in front of AnnelleĂs desk
˘Annelle,÷ she said ˘Where is your homework?÷
˘IĂm soo, soo, soo sorry,÷ she replied ˘I was at the diner until nine last night÷
˘But this is the third time,÷ her teacher responded.
˘IĂm sorry Annelle but you and your sister should stay after school today, ill be calling you mother so she can meet with us too. Its only the first week of school.÷
˘IĂm soo, soo, soo sorry,÷ she replied. ˘Please donĂt please.÷

The day passed onÓ
And it was time for the conference.

˘Oh hello,÷ said her stepmother in the most pleasant voice, a voice that was not her own. ˘IĂm assuming this is regarding the best student in your class Allex. ˘
˘I'm sorry but Allex isnĂt the one that were here to talk about,÷ the teacher replied. ˘I am totally aware that Annelle is working after schools in your Small diner/soda shop and IĂm not very happy about it. I would be glad to tell the police because of something called a law. And I am well aware that you are breaking this law. As you know this Law states children underage cannot work. And I know as well as you do that Annelle is well under age. Now this needs to be fixed,÷ She concluded.
˘How dare you tell me how to raise my children!÷ She scowled.
˘ThatĂs it the teacher said I would be taking Annelle home with me this
˘Fine! Keep her,÷ her stepmother said.
The next day Allex was not at school. That night her teacher called and no one had answered, when the answering machine picked-up she heard the message: ˘YouĂll never catch me now!÷
And Annelle looked at her teacher and said, ˘You must be fairy god-mother!÷ just as a tear rolled down her face.

And they lived happily ever after!