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A Beautiful Vacation

By: Chris-3 D.
New Hampshire, Age 8

A trip to the mountains in mid October presented a world of colors and sounds which were unique to my everyday sensations. As my friends and I made the three hour trip to upstate New York, I began to notice elements of nature, which were quite breath-taking. The reds, oranges, and yellows of the trees in the distance created a harmonious and visually stimulating blend. The blue mountain in the background accented the soft colors of fall. The pearly crescent moon ascended as we drove up the driveway. Blackness soon drowned out the color, but introduced an element of beauty in the thousands of sparkling stars. As the night progressed, the voices of my talkative friends provided audible stimulation. Conversation, laughter, and yelling amused me for hours. Finally, tiredness silenced the rowdy bunch. The crackling sounds and warm heat emitted by the fire were incredibly soothing. The different sights and sounds of my trip were amazing.