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A New Humanbeing

By: Dana V.
New Jersey, Age 15

I remember when my fourth baby cousin was born. My auntĘs water broke while we were all having Christmas dinner. She was rushed to the hospital while back at home there was much talk about what the name would be and weather or not it would be a baby boy or girl, and how much the baby would weigh. In the house it was I and my siblings and my grandparents. We were all overjoyed about the occasion that was occurring. After the house was cleaned up and ready for the new arrival we sped off the hospital. The baby had not come yet so we were in the room with my aunt. She was excited and so were my cousins also. They were all hoping for anther baby boy, so the family would be complete with two boys and two girls. The time had come and my aunt was ready, i stayed in the room with her because my uncle was too nervous. Finally when the baby came out there were tears of joy. The little baby boy, Wesley James 6 lbs 4oz 18 and a half inches long was crying. He was placed in his mommiesĘ arms and she just kissed him. Everyone came in the room and was all excited. Two days later Wesley arrived at home, he was perfect his curly golden hair and his bright baby blue eyes just brought much joy in to the house. Everyone couldn't stop looking at him and playing with him. Until the next birth, the family is complete.