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A Wild Ride

By: Joy - 3 M.
New Jersey, Age 15

A typical family vacation in my family usually involved mom packing our clothes, dad cleaning the tent and the kids complaining the entire car ride there. Someone was always hungry, thirsty or kicking someone else. Threats were made to pull the car over and one child always ended up in tears, yet we would always enjoy our stay once we arrived at our destination. This particular trip began the same way. When we got there this time, the winds blew faster than usual. We went to bed thinking nothing of it. At five thirty in the morning, we heard the wind rush next to our tent. The next thing I knew we were running to the car because everyone in the area was being evacuated. I heard the car start up and before I knew it we were back on the main road heading home. Hurricane Bob had ended our vacation. Sitting in the back of our family station wagon, I saw the rain running down the windows and trees quickly moving by. The wind pulled our car from side to side while poles fell to the side of the road. The smell of greasy chips and leather seats filled through the car. My mother's voice could be heard from the front seat trying to talk to my dad to see if we should stop and find a safe place to stay. As the rain hit the roof and windows of our car, I pulled the fuzzy blanket over my cold arms. My young innocent mind could never picture the dangers of that family vacation that turned into a wild ride. I was relieved to pull into our driveway after that four hour ride. That was the quietest four hours my family has ever spent together. Even the kids knew the severity of the situation. When we got in the house, my mom called our family to inform them of our safe return. She told them it was a wild ride; Hurricane Bob followed us the whole way home.