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By: Courtney Hime H.
Tennessee, Age 14

Once there was a wicked stepmother who had two children, Lacy and Betty. One day the wicked stepmother met a nice man, and they got married. The man she married had one child. Her name was Emily. Well the wicked stepmother was on her way to the store one day and on the way there she saw her husband kissing another woman. Well the wicked stepmother did not like what she saw, so she went home forgetting all about the store. When she got home she got all three of the kids and made them pack their bags 'cause they were leaving. Emily did not want to leave her father but she did as her stepmother had said. They moved to a mansion in Tennessee. One night the wicked stepmother was thinking to herself and she thought we live in this big mansion and we need a housekeeper. So the next day she made Emily get up very early and make breakfast. Then at breakfast she told Emily since she was not her child and since her father had cheated on her that she no longer cared about Emily so she would become the housekeeper. Emily did not like what she was about to become. But did has so was told. For six long years this went on until one night Emily decided to run away and go live with her dad. And they lived happily ever after.