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Cinderella, How it Really Happened

By: Cammie J.
Tennessee, Age 14

I know all of you know the story of Cinderella. Yes but do you know the true story? She was not the good girl you thought she was. Cinderella was mean and never pleased and very sneeky. Her family was nice to her gave her what she wanted and everything, but that was just not enough for Cinderella. Cinderella was on punishment because she had not cleaned her room. ''Cinderella,'' her mother said, ''Why have you not cleaned your room?'' Cinderella said, ''I don't feel like it I will do it later.'' Well Cinderella's mother was not going for that, so as a punishment she told Cinderella that she had to cook, clean, do anything they needed and wanted her to do, and she could not attend the prince's ball that his parents were throwing for him. Cinderella was just heart broken trying to do everything in her will to get her mother to change her mind about going to the ball. I was starting to feel bad for her. The day of the ball had come. Everyone out in the streets was happy and exicted about tonight and just couldn't wait. Cinderella was just watching her two sisters and her mother get ready for the ball. Her family had left to go to the ball. Cinderella was all alone at home cleaning. Then that's where I come in ''Hello child,'' I said. ''Who are you?'' Cinderella said. ''I'm your fairy godmother and tonight you have a chance to go to the ball.'' So you know I turned her into Mrs. beauty queen for tonight only. I gave her a specific time to be back. Now here comes the big change when Cinderella left the ball she did not leave a glass slipper that was someone else's. Prince had picked up a glass slipper that belonged to his mother, which was planted there for the stunt they were trying to play. Cinderella and the prince had always had a thing for one another. Late at night the Prince and Cinderella would sneek out to meet one another--which they were not supposed to let anyone find out but I saw everything. The glass slipper was the same size that Cinderella had worn that very same night. So Prince had made it seem like he didn't know who it belonged to. Had said whoever owns this shoe will be my wife, and he had acted like it was Cinderella's but it really wasn't. So that was a pretty sneeky stunt they had played, which they thought they had everyone fooled but not me--no, no, no, not me--the fairy god mother.