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Albert stilt skin

By: Chad W.
Tennessee, Age 15

One day Allysa, a young teenager, went to jail in the kingdom. The kings soldiers locked Allysa up in a concrete room with no windows and only one door. They had told allysa that she had to spin this feather into silver. She sat there crying because she knew there was now way she could do it. That night she fell a sleep without anything done. In the morning she woke up to a room full of silver. She did not know who did it. The soldiers saw that it was good so they gave her more. In the middle of the night she woke up to a noise. The noise was really a short funny looking man spinning all her feathers into silver. Allysa thanked him for doing that for her. The little man told her that she had to give him her baby for what he had done for her. The man gave her a deal, he said that he will give her two days to guess her name. Allysa told him ok. The first day she didn't guess it. The second day she asked someone what his name was ans she said to him Albert stilt skin. The little man ran out and all the silver turned into feathers.