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2 FrIeNdS a DoG and a BaRn!

By: Ashleigh T.
Tennessee, Age 15

Once upon a time there were these 2 friends, Lilly and Willy. One nice,hot, day they decide to go down into the woods. The two always go behind Willy's house because there is a creek. Lilly always comes over in the morning and later that day they go down.
Now, Lilly is more daring and adventurous. While, Willy is always afraid of what will happen if they do, this or that.
One day while they are down at the creek, Lilly wants to follow the creek to see how far it goes. While the are walking through the woods they encounter a dog. The odd thing about the dog is, it only speaks spanish. ''Hello doggie'', says Willy. ''No comprende'' respons the dog. Lilly sees that it only speaks spanish, so she talks back. ''Hola perro, soy Lilly, y tu?'' ''Soy Peaches'' response the dog. ''Esta Willy'', says Lilly. ''Hola Willy.'' ''Hola Peaches.'' They then talk for a while and Lilly tells Peaches what they are doing, and so Peaches comes with them.
When they get to the end of the creek they find an open field. Lilly, of course being herself, wants to go explore it. Willy is to scared of what will happen so he doesn't go. Peaches, on the other hand, goes with Lilly. While they are exploring they come across a barn. They go in and end up getting lost. Later Willy, gets courage, and decides to go look for them. He finds Peaches asleep on a pig pen, and Lilly is tide up. So he unties Lilly and the run off before Peaches wakes up.
When they get home safe they see on the T.V. that there is a crazed killer. They then see it is a spanish speaking dog, that goes by the name Peaches. From this day on they have never gone to that field again.
Moral of the story is ~Curiosity killed the cat, don't let it kill you.