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A City at Night

By: Kulsum Y.
Canada, Age 15

As the sun sets, armies of invaders about to invade the peacefulness of the darkness prepare to awake the city's sleep. The night's darkness is hunting for its prey. the quietness is slowly getting invaded by laughter, chatter, booming of the music from the monsterous clubs. The array of armies queuing up outside nightclubs; groups of friends already stumbling...tripping and holding onto the the cold, icy railings like a ballerina losing her balance. Others are sober - consciences are as clean as a bathed baby, just enjoying the young night.
Nearby on the other side of the city, big office blocks are asleep with only a minor disturbance from the solicitor frantically working away like a busy bee in the top left hand floor trying to meet a dealine for 9am the next morning. Inside Mr. Businessman is working away on the wings of the night like a machine vigorously pringting away 4000 cards per minute - not even the screeching laughter is of any distraction.

In the centre, the heat of the moment is captured by a young couple walking arm in arm over the bridge when suddenly a shooting star shoots past like a rocket flying into space with exasperation of a 1000 volts leaving trails and paths of vibrant colours; oranges, reds, yellows, greens...
Lights burn still in the grim-faced tower blocks as people struggle to sleep, argue with their loved ones or quietly die, unloved, unwanted - forgotten....