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'A rainy Night'

By: Christine R.
Spain, Age 13

The forest at night time is a dark cave, there is no light and sounds came from nowhere. It is raining, you only can see the shadows from the moonlight squeezing between the trees.

The rain is hitting the leaves of the trees like a ball smashing against a racket. Then it cascades like a waterfall into a puddle.

The fresh smell of water on leaves and the damp musky odour of muddy water wanders through the trees.
You can hear the wind whistle and the branche touching one another.
Some trees are so big that they look like ghostly monsters.
A mysterous owl is hooting softly. It hears a mouse running through the puddle. The mysterious owl has shut up ready to catch its prey.

Some animals on the forest loor are trying to get to their homes so that they don't get wet from the rain.
While the frogs make their way to play in the mud and water.
Crafty creepy snakes follow them ready for a greedy supper.