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About Myself

By: Daphne L.
Malaysia, Age 15

I am Daphne. Being a rather stubborn person, I believe in myself and prefer to trust my hunches. When it comes to making decisions, I am very determined to stand by it no matter what. I have an easy going personality and definitely makes a good listener. Though I seldom give good advice, but I believe I can make a person smile when they're down. I enjoy companionship with my friends and family and cherish them as much as i cherish myself. However, I do not enjoy sports like another teengager at my age do, and neither do I enjoy reading. In fact, I prefer mid-range activities, and doing a little bit of everything. I set my goals far, but of course those that are beyond my achivement. I appreciate people who are open to challenges and dare to face up to them. For one thing, I love myself.