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A Fractured Tale: Mickie Mouse&the Beanstalk

By: Hannah A.
United Kingdom, Age 12

Once upon a time, there were three very good friends. Mickie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Mickie was in debt from gambling too much and donald was going insane from not eating for 4 months. The only thing that they had left was their cow named Mugzy. Mugzy was very old so Mickie decided to sell him. Instead of money, he got 3 majic earings. ''What are we going to do with three earings I DON'T EVEN HAVE MY EARS PEIRCED!!!!!'' screached Donald. ''Calm yourself oh insane one,'' replied Mickie,''The man that sold me these majic earings said that if there is a full moon, we have to stick these earings in the ground and hope that something happens.'' ''We're doomed.'' said Goofy. Now Goofy is quiet and Mickie and Donald think that he has agoraphobia because he won't go outside. ''Sun bad, sun veeeeeeery bad...'' Goofy rambles on about how the sun is bad for about 5 hours every day and it gets really annoying. The night had a full moon so Mickie stuck the three majic earings in the ground hoping that something would happen. He went to be doubting that he made a good deal with the man that he sold his poor old cow to. Then he fell into a deep sleep with his thoughts crowding in his head.The next morning Mickie, Donald, and Goofy wake up to see a huge beanstalk that grew into the sky. Up,up,and away! If you want to know more, wait untill tomorrow. THE END!