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*~*The Princess*~*

By: Erica O.
California, Age 13

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there lived a lonely princess in a castle of Lamdon. The beautiful princess was named Lacey. In 1422 she & her parents went away on a trip to get away for a couple of days. On the second day of the trip, while the little girl was throwing rocks in the lake she went back to where her & her parents were staying she noticed that her parents werenĂt there!!! She tried & tried looking everywhere but she couldnĂt find them. ˘MomÓÓDad?÷ She was so confused. Then, as she was sitting on a bench she noticed that there on the floor layed a black Medallion. On it was the sign of the Trioids!!! As the poor princess layed ay the same spot for seven days & seven nights, the knight Anthony of Lamdon was there for her rescue. The young knight had liked princess & would put his life on the line for the young princess of twenty-two.
As she hopped on knight AnthonyĂs horse, he asked her what has happened. ˘Oh, the trioids, they have taken my parents away!!÷ As the young girl cried, the knight said,÷We must gather all our soldiers & declare war with the trioids!!÷ As they fastly galloped, they reached the city of Lamdon. A couple hours later, the knight & his army were off at once. As the princess sat in her chair she felt so guilty. After all her parents told her not to go off wondering the day they were missing. Before the soldiers were off at once, she grabbed a pair of scissors & cut off all of her beautiful hair. Then she grabbed the knight ThomasĂ suit from the glass case and put it on. Then, she hopped on a horse & was off at once. As she arrived late, she was happy to see that Lamdon had victory over the Trioids!!! From there on out, the princess & her family lived happily ever after.