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A Woman That Had Three Eye's

By: Lindsey B.
Georgia, Age 9

Once upon a time three was a woman that had three eye's.And when she went to town the people new she was coming so when she went the people were hiding becuase she eat's people's head's.The reason why she eat people's head's is becuase she had a curise on her by her god sunflower.And if she did'nt do as she was told she would get a curise on her.So that's why she has three eye's.And she did what she was told and that was to eat people's head's.And so she got the curise away by her god sunflower.And one day she did'nt listen to her god sunflower so she got a curise on her agin and it was three eyed woman agin.But she did not have to eat people's head's she had to tear people's boby apart.It was cool to her.But this time when she went to town every boby did not here her that's becuase her god sunflower put on her curise that no boby can not hear her.But she did not no that.So when she went to town she eat everyboby in to pizes.
the end