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FIRE: a way of life

By: Scott B.
California, Age 14

Water. Water is good, that is unless you are a pyro. Pyros hate the water, but why you may ask yourself. It is because water destroys the one thing a pyro lives for. FIRE! Fire brings him joy when he sees himself silhoutted against the red flames. It brings him pain and allows him to know that he is still alive although most of the time he wishs he weren't. It brings him sorrow sometimes when he ignites something dear to him but in time the wound heals and something else goes up in flame. All in all the pyros life goes full circle he burns something, he rejoices in the flames; he cries when the fire is gone, his one true friend, and then he burns again. At the end of his time he resolves to go out with his friend the flame and together they depart into the night holding hands and looking like a giant torch desending upon the godforsaken earth.