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Bentley and the Three Little Dogs

By: Caroline H.
Louisiana, Age 8

Once upon a time there was a King Charles Spaniel dog named Bentley, who was about to become the father of three puppies. Bentley and his wife Erin were busy getting prepared for their puppies. Their house was a mess, they had to clean it up by themselves and were tired by the end of the day. Two days later they had their puppies at the Doggy Day Hospital. The puppies were so cute when they were born, they were all brown and white just like Bentley. There were two girls and one boy. The two girls werenamed marcy and Marguerite and the boy was named Michael. Two days later they had a party in Vermont because they wanted to meet new people. They met three friends to play with. The friends names were William, Caroline, and Lilly. Three years had gone by so quickly. During this time the puppies had grown to be very good little dogs. The puppy triplets were soon ready to start pre-k. The problem was there was no teacher in the classroom on the first day of school. They were all shocked! Luckily the puppie's mom volunteered to become their teacher. She felt good that she was able to help out. Four years later they were now ready to start third grade. This time they had a teacher! Their mom was still the pre-k teacher at their school. The puppies had a good time in third grade, their favorite part of third grade was beach day!
They all lived happily ever after! The End.