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Aracari of the Future

By: Lucia and Carlota M.
Michigan, Age 15

There once was a man named Pablo who lived in Guatemala City. He was traveling along the Rio Dulce for his even walk where he found a beautiful Aracari bird. At first Pablo thought this bird was just as every other bird but to his surprise it was a bird that with the touch of his feathers could tell your future. He was so eager to show this bird off to the city because he did not get a lot of recognition for anything he haas done. Pablo wanted to prove to the village his bird was superior to any other animal in Guatemala City. As he arrived back to the village he began showing off his bird to all of his friends. Being a greedy man Pablo would show the birds to the community but did not allow them to use it, keeping his futures to himself. The village began to get mad wanting to use the bird for their own. Pablo had the feeling that he found the bird so only he could use it, which didnÆt turn out to be a good decision.
One night as Pablo was deep in his slumber a group of his friends came into PabloÆs house and stole the bird. Waking up in a fright Pablo could not find his bird, he began to run throughout the village knocking on every door to find who had taken his bird. After many sleepless nights worrying about his bird his friends returned the bird in save conditions. Pablo was curious as to why his friends would play such a horrible trick on him. With a short discussion Pablo knew what his friends had done was for a reason. Pablo was too greedy in his discovery and should have shared his bird with anyone who wanted to know what was ahead. Pablo learned a valuable lesson and now when he has something worth showing off he will share is magnificent discover.