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Cinderella's True Story

By: Carol B.
Minnesota, Age 5

My name is Anastasia. You may know me as Cinderellaís stepsister. The story has it wrong! I am not as evil as everyone makes me out to be. I am not the one who did all sorts of silly things to Cinderella. Let me tell you how it REALLY happened......

Sure, Cinderella worked hard. She may have worked harder than everyone else but I had to work hard too. I had to mop the floor, fetch dinner, take care of 24 animals, and clean all the dishes.

One afternoon, the mailman came and gave me a letter inviting Cinderella to the ball. I was not even invited. I was so sad and mad and grumpy. I didnít think that was fair. So I disguised myself as Cinderella and went off to the ball before Cinderella even noticed a letter came for her. I was just plain jealous.

Cinderella noticed that I wasnít at home, so she came looking for me. She found me at the ball. I was dancing with the prince. We were having a good time. He was a good dancer and very handsome.

Cinderella saw me in my disguise. I looked just like her. She got really mad and wanted to dance with the prince. She started fighting with me and her slipper fell off. She didnít even notice. The whole crowd ran away from all the fighting.

The next day, the prince showed up at our house. He wanted to find out who the slipper belonged to since that girl had ruined his ball. He saw me and thought it was me. It was really Cinderella. I tried the slipper on and it didnít fit me. The prince was confused. He tried the slipper on the real Cinderella and it fit her.

He really wanted to marry me and not Cinderella. But on the day of the wedding, Cinderella pushed me into a closet and took my wedding dress, put it on her and married the prince. They lived happily ever.
I am still busy feeding the 24 animals and am very sad! Then the fairy godmother turned me into a toad.

The end!