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Good VS. Evil

By: Room 2 E.
Massachusetts, Age 6

Once upon a time there was a grumpy evil king who ruled a magical village that had beautiful houses. He lived in the castle with a princess. The king and princess had the fiercest dragon with red and yellow skin guarding the castle. In this magical village there were two little children who lived with their family. There was a young girl named Elaza and a little boy named Nat.

Elaza and Nat attended school in this magical village. While they were in school they decided to work on a community service project to clean the village. On the first day the children decided to plant red roses around the outside of the castle. It was so boring there was just dirt. They were working so hard to make the community look gorgeous to impress the king and princess.

As the children were working hard digging and planting the flowers, SUDDENLY the fiercest dragon caught a glimpse of them. As soon as they looked up he blew the children with fiery red, yellow, and blue flames. Quickly the children bolted away and ran all the way home. They were shocked that the fiercest dragon didn’t burn them.

The next day they decided to scrub the castle walls because the lazy king and princess had let it get dirty with junk. The king was furious that the children were working on his castle so he kicked dirt up on the walls! “ Hey we worked really hard on that,” yelled the children loudly. The king just kept on destroying all their hard work. The king walked around chanting, “ Don’t clean the walls, HA HA HA!”

On the third day the children were very frustrated with the king, princess, and dragon. They decided that they would not think about their problems and pick up trash in the backyard of the messy castle. While they were cleaning the princess sat on a rock just watching Elaza and Nat. All of the sudden she demanded, “ You missed something over there, Make sure you get all this trash!” Elaza and Nat ignored the rude princess and kept working hard. Finally after a long day of hard work the children picked up the last piece of dirty plastic with grass all over it. As Nat went to throw it away it magically turned into a pot of gold. “ I can’t believe this!” yelled Elaza. Together they left the castle and walked home safely. Living happily ever after…