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''The True Story of Jack and Jill''

By: Devin T.
Louisiana, Age 13

Hi I'm Jack and this is the true story of Jack and Jill. On a hot summers day we had a pucnic outside under the big evergreen tree. we had everything like ham,bread,hambugers,furit,chicken,rice and gravey,and steak. So we ate everything but we didn't have anything to drink. so Jill and I went up the tall hill to get a freash pale of water.Whe n we got up the tall hill Jill triped me,and I rolled down the hill and I broke my recious crown.Jill went after me and she triped over me. She went face frist in the dirt and broke her nose.Now we both need a bandiad.That's the ture story of Jack and Jill I swear.