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'' The Three Little Pigs- The Wolf's Story''

By: Justice S.
Louisiana, Age 12

You all know the story of the little pigs. But you haven't heard my side of the story. Well, it was Valentines Day. I wanted to give my mother something nice. I wanted to give her a beautiful pink card. I gathered all the stuff I needed. Then I realized that I didn't have any pink paper. I thought i should go ask my three neighbors, and they just so happened to be pigs. Then I saw a skunk. You know what it did? It sprayed me! I kept walking when my nose started itching. When i got there, I asked pig number 1 for the paper. He said ''NO!'' So i just walked away. I didn't get of the front steps when my nose was itching and burning so bad that i sneezed. The straw house blew right down. That pig ran away. So, i went to the next house. I asked him the question and he said ''Not by the hair on my chiney chin chin.'' So I began walking away. Here comes that sneeze again....ACHOO! That house of twigs blew down,too.HONEST! That pig ran away. I got to the last pigs house and asked him. He said ''Never!'' Suddenly, I coulden't stop sneezing! I was wild. But that house didn't blow down because it was made of bricks. The pigs called the cops to come arrest me. On top of that, the other two pigs are suing me for the cost thier homes. What did I do to deserve this?