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''Goldilocks And The Three Bears''

By: Somesh R.
New Jersey, Age 10

''Everyone says I am the villain. But no one knows that I was just trying to go to my grandma's house. I took a shortcut way in the forest and thought I had reached my grandma's house. So I will tell you the real story about what happened.
It was a bright and sunny day. My grandma was really sick. That day, I had a journey to face. A journey that was to my grandma's house.''
''Now make sure you don't go in the forest, the shortcut way'' my mom said.''I thought that the road to my grandma's house was too long, so I disobeyed my mom's orders. I set off on my long journey and came to a point where there was a fork in the road. One way was the forest. One way was the road. I took the shortcut way into the forest.
After about a half-hour walk into the forest, I came across a beautiful house. I thought that was my grandma's house. So I rang the door bell. Nobody opened the door. I luckily touched the door knob and the door opened. I thought, who would keep the door of their house open? I walked in. I checked every room. Grandma wasn't there. I thought, she must have gone to her neighbour's house behind this house. I walked across the dining room and smelled something. I saw porridge. Not only one bowl, but three bowls! How did grandma know I love porridge? I ate up all the porridge.
Then I got a little sleepy from my walk here and decided to go to sleep. I walked into a room. Not only did I see one bed, but three beds! How did grandma know I need alot of beds when I sleep because I toss and turn alot. I took a little nap. When I got up,I saw that grandma still wasn't here. I got worried.
At 4:42 pm, I went to watch TV. I saw something brown covered by the wall in the bedroom. I saw not only one, but three rocking chairs! How did grandma know I need three chairs when I sit. Just then, I heard the door knob shaking. I thought grandma was here. I was wrong. The door opened and I saw a bear, ''Ahhh!''
I got up from my chair and ran into a room, and locked the door. I thought that this wasn't grandma's house The big bear tried to break open the door. He called the police and they were on their way.
I unlocked the door and tried to run away before the police came. The police arrived and I was far gone. I finally decided to go to grandma's house, the long way.
So there you have my story. I am not the villain, and I hope nobody still thinks I am. The big bear is the villain because he tried to arrest me. This is my point of view of this story and I know it is true.
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