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A Great Knight

By: David C.
Oklahoma, Age 13

Billy lived in the county of Oranges. Billy was the bravest knight in all the land. The county of Oranges was named after its great oranges.

Billy loved to ride his horse that was black as night around the county. He would always buy oranges from the local market to eat on his ride back home.

Every so often the county would have a dragon. The dragonwould stomp on all of the oranges in the county. This would make the county very mad.

The citizens of Oranges planned to kill the dragon the next day. They chose Billy to kill the fire breathing dragon.

Billy agreed to go and kill the dragon. Bill traveled through the great forest to get to the dragon's lair.

Billy was not scared of the great forest at all for he was the bravest knight in all the land. He packed a great amount of oranges for hie long journey.

He made it through the great forest with out any trouble at all, but the real battle had just begun. The had a grest sence of smell so he could smell Billy miles away. Billy got to the lair, the dragon was waiting.

Billy climbed down from his great horse, drew his sword, and cried out,''Stop crushing our food and we will stop crushing your mood!''
The dragon replied ''my mood is just fine, but yours will soon die.''
''Not if I kill you first,'' replied Billy.

The conflict went on for hours, but Billy did not give up; for he was sent to kill the dragon.

Billy won the fearsome battle after a great stab from his sword into the dragon's heart.

''The dragon is dead,'' he told the people. The oranges are safe. The county celebrated for the death of the dragon. ''All you need is faith and you will go far,'' said Billy to his young admires when he arrived back from the great battle.