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''Two Animal Heros

By: Ceirra G.
Massachusetts, Age 11

Once upon a time there were two heros,Wonder Puppie andCatgirl. Catgirl had the power of fire. Wonder Puppie had the power of water. Together they were unstopubull
Catgirl’s job when she did not have to be a hero was to take care of the animals in the animal shelter. Wonder Puppie’s job was to be a news reporter. She was always right when it came to weather. But one day a robot dog and cat came and Wonder Puppie was on TV. Catgirl tried to stop them but she could not stop them. Wonder Puppie found out and went to help. When she got there Catgirl was so happy she fell because she forgot about the robot and it hit her. So then Catgirl and Wonder Puppie destroyed the robots.

The End