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A fairies wish

By: Kaybel H.
Oklahoma, Age 14

It happened many times.Every time Zenon met a new person she regreted their wish.One Friday mornig Zenon met a really strange person.She did not know who the person was till Zenon went to see them.It was very dark through the forest.When Zenon got to the strange person leaning over on a mushroom fairy just like her.Zenon walked up to her and asked her what her name was she said sabrina.Sabrina said ''what are you doing here?''Sabrina,I'm Zenon,nice to meet you,Zenon said.Whats wrong are you ok? Sabrina said,''i have no magical powers''.I can grant you one wish if you would like said Zenon,but be careful what you wish for.I wish for a pony.Sabrina you know now you dont get your powers because you wished for a pony instead of your powers.
Now sabrina has no powers but she lived happily with out powers
and with her pony.