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'' Evelyn and The Three Fairies''

By: Milagros R.
Massachusetts, Age 11

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Evelyn. She lives with her stepmother and stepsister, Eve, after her father pasted away. They are very jealous of her because of her beauty and her singing. Eve is not that beautiful and she can’t sing. They treat her like if she was their maid. They make her clean the house while Eve is doing nothing. Every since her father pasted away she has to do the same things over and over again.
One day Evelyn was so tired she could barely move, she was miserable. Suddenly the three fairies appeared Evelyn was frightened she asked “who are you?” The fairy answered “Well I’m Mary Rose, and they are Daral and Eva and we are your Fairy God Mothers.” “How could this be?” “How did this happen?” asked Evelyn. Daral answered “Well we saw that you were miserable and that’s why we are here.” “Let’s start with your name.” “Well my name is Evelyn.” “Ok Evelyn what’s wrong dear? “Asked Eva. “Oh no! They are back” said Evelyn. Suddenly they disappeared. “Evelyn!” “Where are you?” “You have some work to do” said the stepmother. “Oh there you are I need you to mop the floor” said the stepmother. “Yes mother” said Evelyn. “Eve, look what came in the mail it’s an invitation to the prince ball” said the stepmother. “Mother can I go?” asked Eve. “Of course you can good thing we brought that beautiful dress.” “Can I go?” asked Evelyn. “Sure you can, if you got a dress.” “Thank you, Thank you,” said Evelyn.

The next day she had more work then she ever had. She thought that she would never get a chance to finish her dress in time for the ball. Then again, the fairies appeared they asked, “Is there something wrong dear?” “Yes, I have all these things to do and I can’t find any time to finish my dress in time for the ball” said Evelyn.” Mary Rose said, “We’ll make one for you.” Thank you very much” said Evelyn. “Your welcome” said Daral. Suddenly three dresses appeared one blue dress, pink dress and a purple dress. Evelyn picked the beautiful pink dress. She hurried and got dressed for the ball. When she arrived the prince saw her and asked her to dance. When Eve saw her she got jealous, she never thought that Evelyn would get a chance to dance with the prince. The prince dance with Evelyn the whole night. Soon the prince asked her to marry him and she said yes. Evelyn and the prince got married and they lived happily ever after.