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A Birthday Party

By: John B.
Oklahoma, Age 13

Once upon a time there was a boy. His name was Jack. Jack was turning 12 soon. He wanted to have six friends over for his party.
''No.'' said his mom,''You cant always have what you want.''
''Why not.'' Shouted Jack almost crying as he started to storm off to his bedroom.
''You get back here.'' his mom said in a threating voice,''You may have one friend over, but if ypu keep this up you will be grounded.''
The boy turned around.
''Fine I will only invite one person.'' exclaimed the boy now crying.
The boy went to his romm and shut the door.
''I wish I could have a big party.
We would have such fun.
It would be full and harty.
We would play in the sun.'' The boy sang in his room
Knock.Knock. There was a sound at his door.
''Come here lets talk.'' said the boys mom.
''Fine.'' sighed Jack.
They talked for 10 minuts and they came to an agreement.
''You may have six friends over, but there will be rules.'' Said the father
''Thanks!!!!'' exclaimed Jack

The End