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''Out of the Light and Into the Dim''

By: Jonathan P.
Oklahoma, Age 13

Once, not so very long ago, there was a boy, Gray. Gray was the most popular student in his school; he had a lot of friends. His three closest friends though were Orange, Green, and Blue.

The lonely student who always sat by himself, who had no friends, and who hardly talked to anyone was Black. Although Black did nothing to offend Gray, Gray hated Black.

Even though Black did not talk much he would still speak to someone who spoke to him first. Some people even asked him why he was such a loner. Whenever Black was presented with that question a small smile found his face and he would reply, ''Simple, I walked out of the Light and into the Dim.''
''Lowsy Black, speaking in riddles,'' said Gray to himself despisingly, ''God I hate him so much!''

''The test is tomorrow, '' said Orange one day, ''And the teachers say that it's going to be hard.''
''So hard that Gray will have to cheat?'' Asked Blue half jokingly.
''Hah! No way! Came Green's cheery voice. After a good laugh from the whole group Gray spoke up, ''Thanks guys, but I promise you that even if the test is hard I will not cheat.''

The next day, everyone in Gray's class was taking the test; everyone found out how hard it was, ''Hard enough for Gray to cheat,'' said Orange to his teacher, ''I knew he couldn't keep his promise!''

''What?!'' Came Gray's cry of surprise, ''You don't want to be my friend anymore? Is this because I cheated?''
''No, that's not it,'' said Green nice calmly, and with a smile on his face, ''I'm just moving that's all. Don't worry though you'll still see me now and again.''
''I'll still be your friend,'' said Blue from behind Gray, ''I can't say the same for Orange though, but don't worry I'll walk you home today. Okay?''

That day as Gray left school, he saw Black who said calmly and quietly, ''Welcome Gray.''

Gray walked slowly quietly and by himself that afternoon. Down Serenity Road.

Blue had a doctor's appointment and could not walk home with Gray after all.

Gray walked with a mind of void.

Then words found his lips,

''I have walked out of the Light and int the Dim.
And I had felt that my happiness was slim.
But I see that loneliness is not so bad.
And I see that I do not have to be sad.''

The next day, at school, Gray walked towards his desk as usual, but stopped by Black's desk and looked at him.

Black looked up, ''You know then?'' He asked in a deep voice with a small smile on his face.
''Yes,'' said Gray nodding his head, ''Even if someone loses everything, they can still be happy.''