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A Lonesome Girl

By: Ashley M.
Mississippi, Age 15

There was a girl named Rebecca and when she was thirteen years of age she had no friends. The reason she had no friends was cause no one saw the real her,it's like when people say (do not judge a book by it's cover), that's what most of those people had done to her. About a few weeks before she had turned fourteen she had gotten her first friend and her name was Kori. Kori was there for Rebecca whe she need a shoulder to cry on. When Rebecca had her fourteenth birthday party Kori was the only person to come cause Kori was Rebecca's true friend.About five or six years along the line Kori and Rebecca had gotten into a car wreck and the only one that had surrived was Kori. Kori did not even go to school for atleast four days cause everytime she went to school it reminded her of Rebecca to much . Everybody that was mean to Rebecca felt sorry for what they had done.