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Belle and the Beast

By: Crystal M.
Texas, Age 8

Once upon a time there lived a girl that loved books. One day when she went to the library, she knocked into a man named Matthew. Belle dropped all of the books she was holding on the floor. The man bent down, picked up the books, and ran out of the library with Belle.

Matthew took her to his small home and locked her up in a room. But there was a window. She opened the window and jumped out of it. Then she ran and ran until she found a horse.

Then a beast showed up in front of the horse and roared. The beast took her off the horse and put her in his castle. They fell in love in the dining room and danced.

While they were dancing, the guy she ran into at the library had a tree in his hand. He slammed it at the door. The door fell and the beast was gone. He was squashed by the door. He woke up and he saw Belle getting ready for a wedding and the beast started getting ready, too. They got married. They lived happily ever after.