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6 fairies 5 wishes: Version of Wizard of Oz

By: Jordan R.
Washington, Age 9

Once long ago on a hot California day lived a teenager named Anita a sweet, beautiful, and smart girl, her blond hair shines in the light as she gives the food to the poor. But one day she discovered fairy land
And there were over 5,164 fairies. There were 6 princesses in this land. The 6 fairies came up to Anita and said “please can you help us. The bad witch has taken the queen and king.” the witch’s name is Elpheba. She’s the wicked witch of the west.”Please please can we turn you into a fairy so you can help us get the king and queen back,” begged a fairy. Ok said Anita, but can I have some fairy friends to come with, so they all shouted choose me no choose me .so Anita suggested they all come. The all laughed with joy. So they started walking and they met a scare crow and the scare crow was a talking one to and it moaned” please get me down from this pole “and so they did. The scare crow hollered can I come with you. They reported yes .then they were walking in a forest and met a tin man and a lion .they were best friends and they met Anita and the fairies and scare crow and they became friends and the lion and tin man added can we come with you. They shrieked yes you may. So the group came to the witch’s home to stop the bad witch .they saw the king and queen and they asked to give them back.
But the witch shouted no only if I have the wizard’s wand full of power.
So the witches cried goes to emerald city and get the wand full of power.
So when they got to emerald city the guards said no one can see the wizard of oz. their faces flooded with tears, but one of the guards saw how sad they were.
Fine I’ll tell the wizard about you fairies, yay they shouted with joy.
The wizard cried yes you may come in. so they walked in their knees shook as they were walking in together .the wizard asked why are you here . Well the fairies and animals are just here to help Anita explained to the wizard.
Well we want your wand full of power , no would I never let you have it. Fine Anita cried we’ll just leave
. When they left one of the fairies remembered 5 wishes to get the wand full of power. Yah we can use a wish so they wished to have the wand of power and it worked the wand was theirs so they all flew to the bad witches home and gave the wand .but the witch wouldn’t give the king and queen back .so Anita wished to wish the bad witch to go to her dungeon for the rest of her life. Anita ran for the king and queen and wished to get back to fairy land and Anita said by to all her fairy friends and left the fairies were sad but they lived happily ever after.