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A Modern Fairy Tale

By: Jake L.
Connecticut, Age 7

A Modern Fairy Tail

It all begins with one dragon. But no ordinary dragon a fire breathing dragon. His name was Toby. He was young he did not know that he could breath fire. When he was born he was born with a gold tail. Those kinds of dragons are born 1 out of every 100. It just so happens that Toby was that 1. When he was a kid he said to himself ôI should go on a journey once I get olderö. Ten years passed and he was sent off. He was walking and he met a monster he destroyed it with a single blow of his claw. He kept walking and he thought he could see a flag. As he got closer he saw a castle. The doors opened wide he walked in when he was in he could not see nothing but the tall buildings and people. He saw big people little people and even more dragons. But none that looked like him. He kept walking threw the crowded streets. A man yelled to him ôHhhhhheeeeeyyyyyyyy Wwwaaaaaaiiiiiiiitttttttttttö. He stopped and turned around as he was walking he saw the man that was looking at him. The man had eyes like they were not there. I was about to ask what happened to his eyes but it was obvious that he was blind. He walked in front of the man and spoke ôHelloö. When the man spoke back he had a screechy kind of voice. The man spoke ôI feel a special power from youö. I said ôwhat are you talking aboutö. The man said ôYou are the dragonö. Yes I am a dragon and my name is Toby. He said ôHere take this and once you drink this you will have special powersö. ôBut once you drink this you will partly be on a dark sideö. Not knowing what will happen he took it softly. And the man said thank you have a good day. He was getting sleepy he was looking for a place to sleep. When he herd a sound. He went to the sound and when he got closer it stopped. A man popped in front of him and said ôAh ha gotchaö. Toby said frightened ôWho are youö. The man said ôA merchant whyö. Toby said ôI did not do anythingö. He said ôYou are not the one stealing my vegetables. ôNoö Toby replied. All right then you can pass. Toby kept walking. He saw a tail behind some bushes. Toby spoke ôHelloö. The bushes stopped moving. Toby pulled the tail the thing yelled ôYeeeeeeoooooouuuuuuuccccccchhhhhhhhhö. ôWhy you do that it saidö.