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3 wolves & big bad pig

By: Markale M.
Oklahoma, Age 13

Once a point of time stop,stop,stop,stop. my name is big bad pig. there was three wolves. all the wolves were the same color gray and white. the wolves were moving out of their mothers house, and she told them to watch out for me.
the wolves were always up to no good. the wolves seen the kangaroo and asked him for bricks and he said no so they beat him up and stole the bricks. the wolves built their house and when they finished they were playing football. so i thought that i would go and ask to play with them,but they ran in the house so i nocked on the door and they said go away. so i went home and got my sluge hammer and i beat their house in.
all the pigs i stole their t.t and games and i was kinda hungry so i ate their food too.
the three wolves saw spider man. spirderman had concreat . the wolves ate half of spider mans body and they stole his concreat.the wolves built a big house with a pool. the wolves were haven a cannon ball contest. so i went down to wolve house and they ran in their home and told me to leave them alone, so i said i just want two swim and they told take your fat behind home pig and dont come back. so i went home and got my jackhammer. i put all kinds of holes in their house but they ran again so i went for a swim. later that week the wolves beat up batman and stole his bobwire. they built a house that no one could brake in. the wolves were haven a party so i wen down heir to try to party but, the wolves told me to stop harasing them and that i couldent party. so i went home and got my granad and i threw it at and blew their house up. the next couple of days the three wolves were messing with firgie and they tricked her into buying them flowers and they bulit them another house. so the next day i went down to complament their house and they let me in they said that we were cool hour later they have me tide up and they roobbed me then killed me and fryed me.