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My Previous Birthday Party

By: Hathaithip R.
Thailand, Age 17

My previous birthday party was the best party that I ever had. I liked to have the birthday party. In my party, most people were my friends and some were my family members. I and my mother had to arrange almost everything except buying foods and drinks. I felt cheerful in my party.
At the party, I heard very loud music. It was opened by my best friendĘs name, Toon. There were noisy voices from group of people who were chatting with each other around there. I saw several people who wore the fastidious and good-looking clothes. Most of them were my friends who studied in the dissimilar schools in Bangkok. Some people were my family members. There were numerous kinds of foods and drinks that were as much as necessary for all people. Most of them were my much loved food. I smelt of foods and drinks around the party. I could smell of them because all of them made from my kitchen by my cook and my mother. Their smells were sweet smelling because they were cooked fresh at that time. The foods were very tasty because they were brand new and just went out from the kitchens. The drinks were agreeable to the taste for everybody. I played games with my friends. I saw the decorated stuff such as multi-colored of balloons and ribbons. I saw a lot of gifts that had colorful, pleasant, and attractive gift wrapping paper. I felt comfortable because it is my home. It was not so cold or hot because of the good air conditions. The place is so clean, private, and figured.
Lastly, I felt joyful because it was my birthday party that was excellent and so many people came there. I felt animated during opening the gift. I will not forget this best party totally. I was thinking about my next party. I thought this party was very entertaining, excellent, and pleased that was the best things that I ever had in my life before.