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A Girl Whose Name is Chimney

By: Ray S.
South Korea, Age 10

Well.. as you know, a very, very long time ago, there was the happiest couple in the world. A year after they got married
the women got a baby.
It was a girl, a very pretty girl. She knew how to smile like sunshine and act like little princess. After few days later they had to choose her name. At first they though of beautiful names, like
Lily the flower or star in the sky. But they got scared, you know why? Well at that time there was a king who has a baby prince.
People said the baby prince is so ugly he looks like a monster. You would wonder again why would they concern about the baby prince? But they should, because the royal family starts looking for prince's match really early.
The couple didn't want to give their daughter to monster prince. So finally they decided to make her look ugly and name her ugly so they could keep her safe and sound from the eyes, which was everywhere. So they named her Chimney.
Time passed like an airplane, I should say. Now Chimney is 15 years old. Even though her parents tried to hide her appearance but nothing worked. Her kindness was like a spring breeze and her voice was like the sound of music. Finally the big day had arrived.
Every girl in the country had to gather in the royal garden. The garden was famous for thousands of beautiful flowers. Roses, lilies. And so on. And it was against the law if you donĂt go there. So our young Chimney girl went there with her dirty clothes on her.
Her clothes were colored with dirty brown and gray like a rat. She wanted to look pretty, but she also didnĂt want to marry with an ugly prince. But when she saw the prince she felt terrible and found out he was actually really nice guy with good manners.
It was time for dance. But nobody seemed to notice his nice personality. And avoided him. Chimney went in front of him and said ˘Do you want to dance with me?÷ and he hesitated and said ˘ Sure÷. As they started to dance his appearance began to change. He became a handsome guy.
˘ You are the first women who ask me to dance with.˘
She pulled out her dirty clothes and became more beautiful, like a rose. Later people could hear the story of prince. He was under the spell. Since he was a baby. And the spell broke when Chimney asked him to dance with her. They got married and lived happily ever after. űTHE END-