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''The Tonsilectamy''

By: Samantha S.
Florida, Age 11

˘The Tonsilectamy÷
April 10th 2003 was it. The time where I would have to go in and have my first surgery ever. We had to be there by 6 a.m. so I was really tired and at the same time very nervous. I have never been put to sleep and have doctors hovering over me with sharp utensils before. I wanted to go home so bad but I couldnĂt, it was now or never. It took a long time before I went in because of all the other kids getting their tonsils taken out too. Just waiting there in a freezing place but yet sweating so much was horrible. My mom told me it would be alright, but I knew it wouldnĂt. Watching kid after kid going home with a look of pain in their eyes made me wonder if I was going to do okay. I didn't know what my reaction was going to be laying down on a table and have them wheeling me in the O.R. The more I waited, the more I thought about the worst things happening to me.
My parents said I was up next after this boy but I wasnĂt, just another kid went in. It had been two hours and I still havenĂt gone in. I tried to take a nap to get my mind off my worries but as soon I was about to close my eyes the surgeon opened the door and called my name out loud. The feeling of pain in my throat was already forming and walking in there was not fun. Thank goodness my parents came with me or else I wouldnĂt be able to do it. I had to strip down to my underwear, dress into this hospital gown, and lay down on the bed. The nurse stuck an I.V. in my hand and filled it with a liquid to relax me before the surgery. That was the only thing that hurt me. Having this painful liquid rush up my arm made me feel a tear coming down my cheek. My whole entire arm was numb and I couldnĂt feel it at all. It was awhile until they had to take me away from my parents and I thought I wasnĂt going to live. They pushed me down the hall and into this room that was so bright you could barely see anything. They put a mask on me and asked me these questions like what was my favorite color and who was my favorite band. Of course I couldnt answer them for I was already put under general anesteshia.
The whole operating part wasn't bad but as soon I woke up I was in the worst agony ever. I couldn't talk at all. People said it would be great with all of the ice cream you can eat but it wasn't like that. I couldnt even drink or eat anything. The nurse said I would get a bloody nose because they also took our my abnoids too. As soon as I left the hospital and was in my car I got a bloody nose. I knew that after I got home this wouldn't be the best experience IĂd have. After weeks in pain I lost 27 lbs. From not eating anything. After that I tried my best to eat something and I did. I knew I was coming back from my full recovery after my first bite in weeks.