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''Welcome to Middle School''

By: Shaewanna C.
Florida, Age 11

Oh man, was I use to elementary school. Day dreaming in class, drawing, and playing a lot. BOOM! I had to snap myself out of it . Im not in elementary school any more. Im in Middle school! Then it hit me. Now I know what people mean when they say time goes by fast.
What! I was shocked when I first received my scedule of my classes. I almost fell out of my seat. Six classes in one day. I wasnt used to it. I was only use to one class every day. You know same old same old. What if Im late to every class? What if I get lost and marked absent...And what if... if.....Oh boy here I go talking to myself again. Hey Im a big kid. Six classes. Ah, who cares. Thats nonthing to me. So as the day went by every thing turned out Exellent! I knew then I would do wonderful in Middle school. Speaking of school, I for got all about elementary school. Oh so much fun. Oh well. I better learn fast and get with the program. No more day dreaming and playing around. I was still determine to still have a little bit of playing time but just not in Middle School. To really forget about elementary school I repeated Im a big kid, Im a big kid, no more elementary, I,m a big kid. I repeated this as I was going to my next class. It helped a lot. Once again, welcome to the rest of this school year in Middle School.