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''My First Performence''

By: Amy L.
Florida, Age 11

It was March,14,2003 30 minutes before going on court for my performance. My friend Alexandra and were practicing our dribbling drill upstairs right above the court. We couldnĘt believe we were just minutes from performing in front of the whole arena, and the Miami Heat NBA players.
Alexandra and I were so nervous we couldnĘt make any shots, every time we would put our hands up the ball would start shaking. Suddenly the coach called 10 minutes, me and Alexandra ran to buy water to see if we would clam down. When we finally stopped shaking our coach called 3 minutes. We ran down to get ready to perform.
The announcer called us on court by names. When we got on the court we waited until the coach whistled so we could start performing our drills. As I waited I looked like if I was in Alaska freezing to death, it was so cold, and I was so nervous. The coach blew the whistle I started dribbling as fast as I can, I could feel the air going through my legs. I looked like I knew what I was doing, except I didnĘt. Then I partnered up with Alexandra to do our two ball dribbling. We dribbled the ball through our leg, finally the whistle blew.
Our coach told us we did a wonderful job out there. That made me feel much better. I felt so proud of my self because I didnĘt make any mistakes at all, and I got to perform for my favorite basketball team. I wish I would get to do that again in the future.