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''Bad Fall''

By: Amanda B.
Florida, Age 11

I screamed as I tumbled down the hard stairs of my home. My parents were coming down the stairs as my home as my brother wildly crashed into me seconds before my mother happily announced that we were going out for dinner. My brother was so excited that he wildly crashed into me.
I leaned forward going down the sixth stair of my home, my body began to grow into fear as I rolled down the stairs, I knew this could lead to no good at all. My mom tried to grab me or my hand at least but she missed my hand by just an inch.
My little brother looked like he had just seen a ghost walk in front of him, his eyes were opened as big as a pie and his mouth was opened so big that it could hold two huge cakes.
I was just about to hit the ground when my dad managed to grab me by my hand. I was so scared that I started to cry, I felt like I have just tumbled down the largest pyramid in the world.
My mom ran to the kitchen to get some ice packs but I knew from the time that I was garbed that ice would not be the cure for this accident. My mom brought two big ice packs, she asked me which parts of me body hurted the most.
I wanted to say my whole body but I just froze for a minute or two or even three then I opened my eyes and the first thing that I saw was my mother holding me in her arms and the first thing that I heard was the cries of my little brother. My mother was holding a frozen ice pack on my knee which had the biggest cut.
I was very happy that I was not seriously hurt with and broken bones or fractures or other serious injures, I was with all the cuts and scrapes that I had. After a little while my dad put the medicine on me. I was starting to get cold.
A few mimiutes later I made sure that I was able to walk because I took a long and bad fall. I was very happy when I saw I saw my mother and my father next to me. I was still scared even though I was fine now. My little brother apologized to me maybe about one hundred and one times I wanted to say that it was ok but I was too tired. I did know that he did not me for me to fall or he did not even mean to crash into me and so did my mother and my father.
We did go to my favorite restaurant about an hour later, by that time i was much better. My time Iwas much better. After we were back my dad gave me two different types of medicines that had no taste and had names that I can not spell or pronounce but I did not mind at all.
I was happy to be with the three people that I love the most. I was very to have them with me and from thhat day on we were working together.