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By: Patrick B.
Florida, Age 11

All the sudden! A car crashed right into the car! That was the end of the movie. It was an awesome movie that was only the beginning of my most exciting birthday ever. It was almost time to go when I saw something shiny, it was a golden cup. Taylor must have seen it to because he was running at it. When we got at the cup we found out that it was some sort of religious thingy. So we went back with the group. I was getting tired so I went up to my Mom only to find out IT WASNÆT MY MOM! I started running with Taylor who was confused why we were running sob was I. I guess I just needed to get away. Now not only were we lost in a museum without anybody, we were tired, really tired infact we were so tired that we collapsed. Finally after got up, we thought up a plan. It was full proof all we had to do is find the main place in this huge place that weÆve never been to before, get a phone {theyÆve got to have one} and call my parents to pick us up. O.K. the search was on. People usually split up and meet at a place, but since weÆve never been here before I donÆt know if we should split up. But before anything I had to go to the bathroom. Like magically I went into the wrong bathroom and found my Mom looking for me. Then I went home and never came back.