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3 little bees and the Big Bad Bear

By: Zachery H.
Arizona, Age 9

Once upon a time there were 3 bees.The mama bee said'you bees are too big.''The house is to small for all of us,you're all gonna have to go and build your oun houses.'So the bees flew away.The first bee found a raccon and he was selling leaves.Well the first bee said'I want those leaves now!'The raccon said'first of all I want to know why.'So he said'mama bee said I need to get a house.'So the raccon gave him the leaves and off he went to build a house.Then the second bee saw a butterfly.Who was selling flowers.The bee flew in and asked'how much for the flowers?'The butterfly turned around and said'you're funny,you don't have to pay me anything just some honey.''okay'said the bee and off he went.The third bee saw some branches took them and flew away.Then a large bear bear came and saw the first bee's house.'This will be easy!'Said the bear.Then he walked up to the house and said'little bee little bee let me come in!'The bee replide 'not on the anttenas on my heady head head!''Then I'll munch and I'll punch and I'll bring your house down!'PUNCH MUNCH SMACK!The bee screamed aahh!!And flew off to the second bee.'Brother!Brother!''Let me in there's a bear after me!''Come in!'Said the second bee.'Were safe were all safe now.'The first bee said.The bear saw the other house.'Litle bees little bees let me come in!''Not on the anttenas on our heady head head!'Both the bees said.Then I'll punch and I'll munch and bring your house down!'PUNCH MUNCH SMACK!'Uh oh.'They same time they were flying.The two bees came flying up to the third bees door.'Let us in there's a deranged bear following! They busted through the door and locked it.'Ok we don't have to worry about the bear.'Said the third bee.Then a big voice said'little bees little bees let me come in!'The bees screamed'the bear!''Not by the anttenas on our heady head heads!'The bees said.PUNCH MUNCH SMACK!'The house stood still.I'll try again!'The bear said.PUNCH MUNCH SMACK CRUNCH!Still nothing.The bear was so tired he collapsed!Then the bees stun him, and they never saw him again.Then they lived happily ever after.