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''The Thrilling Moment''

By: Genevieve M.
Florida, Age 11

As weĂre waiting for the final moment we just look at each other to see who looks scared.
I am just giving a smirk as mom is just nervously looking around for the surprise. I kept saying to her, ÷Why did you dare me to go on this ride if you donĂ t even want to go and
get nauseated.÷
But, no she says it was my idea to dare her. I just said,÷ Well if you get
nauseated I wonĂ t be there cheering you up.÷ All of the sudden a Tyrannosaurus Rex
was roaring ahead of us. My mom was cracking up with laughter because she thought
this was the surprise. But, it wasnĂ t, a 75 foot drop straight down was waiting for us.
Since a weird person warned me about the drop of doom. We are soaking wet from the
peaceful, yet thrilling water roller coaster. I was smiling with joy as I was on my first roller coaster. The electrical wires hanging and Velociraptors thrashing about, made the
ride chill my bones even more. Then the ride started going down the fall at breakneck
speed. I was laughing like never before. My mom of course is as pale as a ghost and
screaming like in a Hollywood movie. The objects I saw flying were money, sunglasses,
and hats. My body was flying, but in sitting position. The spraying water was like jet
streams on me and my momĂs faces. When everything got to a halt everyone stopped
screaming and started clapping. The ride was great and fun. Mom was still shaking, but
was laughing. I will always remember that day. Especially my momĂs face. We kept
going on the ride a multiple amount of times and seeing our funny pictures at the end of the ride. I have to say Jurassic Park River Adventure at Islands of Adventure is the best roller coaster I will ever be on, since its also my last.