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“My First Dog''

By: Brandon M.
Florida, Age 11

ôMy First Dog''
The day I got my first dog feels like it was yesterday. My momÆs friendÆs chow had just had just had puppies and was given away puppies. After weeks of annoying my mom she finally said we could get one of the puppies. When we came home with the dog we had to think of a name for him we all came up with the name comet. Comet grew very fast so by the time he was one he was so powerful he could pull me any direction he wanted to go. My dog, Comet, loved to dig holes but he would come in the house and track it everywhere. My mom always got mad when comet did this but nothing serious she would be mad at him for couple minutes then she would forgive him. That all changed when comet tracked dirt on my momÆs new bed she was furious she was so mad she decided that comet should sleep outside. After that comet only came inside when it was very hot or very cold.At night comet would dig a hole under the fence to go wrestle with the dog that slept next door One summer we went to Jamaica for vacation so we had to leave comet with my dadÆs friend.
We had a great time until we got home and found out Comet had ran away. We gave out flyers put a reward for any one who finds him Nothing we found absolutely nothing and we never saw comet again.