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Aladdin and the Gorilla

By: Jessie B.
New York, Age 10

Once upon a time there was a boy named Aladdin. This tricker came up to him and asked, “Would you do me a favor? Would you please go in a cave (trust me you can’t miss it) and get me a big shiny lamp?” So Aladdin did as he was told and went into the pitch black cave where you can’t see a thing. When Aladdin got into the cave he saw it, it was the lamp, but when Aladdin got the lamp it looked dusty. So Aladdin rubbed the lamp( I bet you think a genie is going to come out but just wait for it. . . .) and a gorilla came out. Well Aladdin didn’t want to be rude so he said, “Hi gorilla, do I still get three wishes even though you’re a gorilla??” “Oh yes, yes, yes except there is one little change. The wishes have to be bananas.” Aladdin said, “Okay,” and wished for a big dancing banana, so that’s what appeared. Aladdin got so carried away he wished for a banana costume and 1,000 bananas. After the gorilla had to leave Aladdin got really upset because he used all three wishes in a push of a button. When Aladdin saw all the bananas in front of him he wasn’t sad anymore.