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By: Ashley C.
Canada, Age 12

It was my 9th birthday. But I had to spend my birthday with my mom. Obviously, after reading that sentence, you can conclude that my parents are divorced.
On the 10th of September, my father picked me up. he had surprised me that we were going to Georgia for the weekend. I could hardly wait.
The drive to Georgia was long, but fun. We played all sorts of games. But what really made it fun was Nancy. She was the one who made it all fun and games on the long drive to Georgia.
That night when we got to the cabin, there was an emergency. So Nancy and I drove into town to get the supplies we needed. We talked a lot; Nancy and I. It was like an enchanted Disney World ride; how you get the feeling that there is nothing in the world you can possibly worry about. ItĂs just when Nancy talks to me, she listens to what I have to say. She just doesnĂt get bored, she listens to the stuff I have on my mind. She just is the best step-mom and best friend you could ever have.
I remember when I was little, how i hated Nancy. I was like a little devil. I destroyed everything in her house. When she would buy me something, I would say that I didnĂt like it and throw it. Then that soon stopped, but I was still a little devil. But soon enough, that also changed. I became a good hearted, unselfish, non-materilistic person. All because of Nancy.
When we had gotten the supplies we needed, we went to a small fudge shop. Nancy and I both absolutely love fudge. So we got samples of some of the different fudges they had. When
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we finished trying he fudge, we went to a chocolate store. I am not absolutely crazy for chocolate, but I knew my dad was. So we bought him small milk chocolate hear, that said ˘I love you÷.
On the way back to the cabin, we talked a whole lot more. And once agian, my

shoulders werenĂt heavy, and everything was just perfect. Nancy doesnĂt know how much it meant to me to go just us two to the town. She made it a very special night. I was so happy. I am glad to have Nancy as my step-mom, no one else would do.
The reason she made it a special night is because she listened to me, I told her what I wanted to be when I grew up. She didnĂt make fun of it. She encouraged me to try to be the best at it as I can.
When Nancy is not here with me half my heart is gone. My world gets dark and gloomy; but when I see her, the sun is shining brighter than ever. Words canĂt even describe how much Nancy made the night in Hellen special, or for any other day special. Nancy rocks, and that is final.
˘ We will be together forever and always÷